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Telehealth is a communication system that uses text messages to help you and your health or social care professional monitor and/or manage your condition/lifestyle more closely.

The monitoring system is called “Florence”, sometimes referred to as “Flo” for short.

Telehealth can be used for many reasons such as:

  • Monitoring the effects of new treatments
  • Monitoring the effects of stopping treatments
  • Remind or encourage you to do something to take care of yourself, like exercise
  • The status of your blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar glucose or other measurement
  • Identify flare-ups of your condition so that you get the right treatment sooner
  • Identify reasons why your condition might not be well controlled

How does it work?

Florence communicates by text messages to and from your mobile phone. It will work with any mobile phone or network able to send and receive text messages. All texts to and from Florence are free to you (even if your mobile phone says that you will be charged).

Registering to use “Florence”

Your health professional will explain how the system works and discuss the potential benefits for you. We will only register you to use the Florence monitoring system with your agreement.

Any information collected about you will be held securely in line with the Data protection Act (1990).

Please bear in mind that Florence is a system and not a person. It is programmed to send and accept specific information, so do not text anything other than what is expected as explained by your health professional.

Once you have been added to Florence, you will receive a text which invites you to join. If you want to go ahead then text back ‘Yes’. Florence will then send you information or requests for readings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as required.

If you decide you do not want to register you should not reply, but please let your health professional know that you have changed your mind.

Florence is not an emergency service!

If you need urgent medical assistance then you should contact your GP or NHS24.

Will I still see my health professional?

Yes. Telehealth will not replace all appointments. You will still see your health professional when required.

Telehealth Equipment

Any monitoring equipment given to you for use with the system, such as blood pressure monitors remain the property of NHS Lanarkshire. Please return them to your health professional when asked.

What happens if I decide I no longer want to use Telehealth?

Text ‘Stop‘ to the Florence system and contact your health professional to arrange the return of any equipment you have been loaned.

Your usual treatment or support will continue as normal.

About the NHS Lanarkshire Telehealth monitoring service

The NHS Lanarkshire Telehealth monitoring service has been funded by a Scottish Government initiative called Technology Enabled Care (TEC) which aims to increase the number of people receiving Telehealth at home.


Put a pass code on your mobile phone if you do not want anyone to see what you are texting and to protect your phone if it is lost or stolen.

What happens if I go on holiday or if I am admitted to hospital?

Florence can work from any area in the UK with a mobile signal. However, if you are going abroad or into hospital you can text ‘Away’ to Florence.

When you return you can text in your readings as normal or text in ‘Yes’ to restart the system.

Lost or Stolen Phone

Contact your health professional if your phone is lost or stolen, they will stop texts to that phone.