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General Enquiry Line 


The General Enquiry Line provides a comprehensive information service and first point of contact for general telephone enquiries from members of the public, patients, relatives, carers and all staff groups. 
General Enquiry Line 
Tel: 0300 3030 243

The service will ensure callers are given help to access the services or information they require.

The General Enquiry Line aims to provide the public and staff with answers or point them in the right direction when they have a general question about NHS Lanarkshire.

The service is designed to make the public’s first experience of contacting NHS Lanarkshire, as easy as possible.

The service concentrates on general enquiries. There is no change to the way specific patient enquiries, such as appointments, requests to speak to clinical staff etc. are currently dealt with.

The line advisors will do all they can to give a caller the information they require at the first time of calling, however, if some enquiries cannot be answered at that time, the advisor will happily take the caller’s details and ring them back with an answer.

Similarly, where a caller highlights an area where they have had difficulty accessing information or other feedback about NHS Lanarkshire, the advisor will record this.

This information will then be fed back to the appropriate manager to help NHS Lanarkshire become a more accessible and user-friendly organisation.

The General Enquiry Line is open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and 9am to 4.30pm on a Friday – with an answer phone to collect calls out with these hours.

You can call the General Enquiry Line on 0300 3030 243.

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