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Hand Hygiene
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Hand Hygiene 

Hand Hygiene 

Hands are the principal method by which germs are transmitted between patients i.e. cross-infection, 1 in 10 of all patients in hospital will have an Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)
Washing your hands may not seem such a big deal. But good hand hygiene is vital to stopping the spread of germs and the illnesses they can cause.

NHS Lanarkshire has proactively participated in the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and has rolled out the programme of weekly hand hygiene auditing in clinical areas across the Acute, Associated and Primary Care areas. Additionally, audit of 15 clinical areas is undertaken bi-monthly by the local health board co-ordinator (Hand Hygiene) with reports available to the public via the Health Protection Scotland website.
For more information about hand hygiene visit the Scottish National Hand Hygiene Campaign website.