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Learning Disabilities 

The Learning Disability service comprises of both in-patient and community services.

Community teams are situated in both North and South Lanarkshire. Our aim is to develop and promote health and equality of care for adults aged 16 and over who have a learning disability.

Community health and care services are provided by:

  • Multidisciplinary community learning disability teams consisting of community nurses
  • Five nurse practitioners (forensics, autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy, transitions and acute liaison)
  • Allied health professionals
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Consultant psychiatrists

The teams are well established within the localities to treat and support people with learning disabilities throughout Lanarkshire.

The in-patient service presently comprises of a nine bedded assessment and treatment unit based within the grounds of Kirklands Hospital and is managed as part of the community services.

The unit supports the integration of care and joint services.

Assertive outreach services are provided from the assessment and treatment unit where appropriate, giving short-lived intensive intervention within a community environment, and maintaining the client at home.

Our aim is to develop and promote health and equality of care for adults, age 16 and over who have a learning disability.

Team members work directly with clients, as well as supporting family carers and other services that are involved with the individual with a learning disability.

The team members also support and enable people with a learning disability to access primary and specialist health and social care services.