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Publication Date: 03/11/2017 

Mums help mums with breastfeeding advice 

Videos on NHS Lanarkshire Facebook and Vimeo 


You can watch the videos on the NHS Lanarkshire Facebook page or on Vimeo. 

COATBRIDGE mums have made a series of videos to help new mums and mums-to-be become confident about breastfeeding.
Susan Short, public health nutritionist, said: “The best advice and support you can get when you have a baby is often from other mums so we have worked with the lovely mums – and their babies – in the Coatbridge Breastfeeding Group to produce a series of short clips with advice on everything from what to wear to getting the confidence to feed when you are out and about.

“We hope that these videos, which will be available on social media, will offer some practical tips to support mothers to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding in public for the first time can be a daunting experience for new mums, but with a bit of practice you soon become confident."

As well as the advice on hand from the Coatbridge mums  breastfeeding families can be reassured that their baby is protected by law and they can confidently breastfeed anywhere babies are usually allowed.

There is also now  a huge range of places who have signed up to the “breastfeeding welcome” scheme across Lanarkshire who ensure breastfeeding mums have the support they need when out and about.

A recent event held at Hamilton Breastfeeding group presented certificates to a range of businesses in Bothwell, Hamilton and Uddingston who have signed up to the scheme.

These local businesses were praised in recognition of their efforts to make mums feel especially welcome to breastfeed their babies on their premises and for their support of Lanarkshire Breastfeeding Initiatives Breastfeeding Friendly Campaign.

Louise James from the Lanarkshire Breastfeeding Initiative (LBI), who implements the campaign on behalf of NHS Lanarkshire, said: “Some women lack confidence to breastfeed in public and we want mums to know they can go into places, be able to breastfeed their baby and feel comfortable, that is why this campaign is so important.

“The local businesses who have joined the campaign to support breastfeeding families offer a warm welcome to breastfeeding mums on their premises.

“I am delighted that so many businesses have got involved and are showing their support to the campaign.”

Susan added: “We hope that by using these videos and knowing where in Lanarkshire you can be confident in breastfeeding that we are helping to make breastfeeding as easy as possible for new mums.

“We would also encourage women to come along to our breastfeeding groups which are a fabulous way to meet other mums and get help and support when you need it.”

You can watch the videos on the NHS Lanarkshire Facebook page or on Vimeo:

Our experiences https://vimeo.com/236063862/64f638a3b3

What you need https://vimeo.com/236772478/459c43cb8e

When you're out and about https://vimeo.com/236772876/17fb659c5b

What to wear https://vimeo.com/236773207/4e70de9af4

Help at home https://vimeo.com/236773937/7fbe9ffd35

Why we do it https://vimeo.com/236774276/1d0cd648db